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Clicking or Popping in the Jaw Joints

Neuromuscular Dentist in Naples and Fort Myers

When the jaw joints are misplaced due to an unhealthy bite, TMJ / TMD patients may complain of clicking or popping sounds.  While attempting to move your jaw, you may feel like it is catching, and an unusual noise may accompany this sudden stop in movement, often indicating a displaced disc.  Not only is this side effect uncomfortable, but it may also signal that stress on the jaw joints is becoming increasingly worse.  Patients who experience clicking or popping in the jaw joints should see an experienced neuromuscular dentist as soon as possible.  Contact Dr. Massa for a personal TMJ / TMD evaluation.

If you are experiencing the above listed dental problems or symptoms, a delay in diagnosis and treatment could compromise your dental health. Contact us for the expert neuromuscular dentist in Naples and Fort Myers. We look forward to helping you achieve a better jaw.


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