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Dental Problems and Depression:
Fix the Cause, Eliminate the Symptom

Neuromuscular Dentist in Naples and Fort Myers, FL

Dental depression is a little known sign of TMJ / TMD problems.  When a person suffers from a bad bite, he or she may be affected in many ways.  For some, the stress and discomfort caused by the unhealthy jaw muscles is overwhelming, and depression is often an unfortunate accompanying symptom.  Click here to read about other symptoms of neuromuscular problems.  If you suffer from depression and suspect it may be related to your oral health, contact Dr. Massa for a neuromuscular evaluation.

You owe it to yourself to find a solution. A delay in diagnosis and treatment could compromise your mental health. Dr. James W. Massa is an LVI trained expert and he can help you through diligent dental care. 

Trust your health to the caring expertise of Massa Dental Center in Naples.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and break free from dental depression.  Call or email us today for a consultation. We are proud to serve the Ft. Myers area.

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