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Gum Disease -or- Periodontal Disease

Dental Solutions In Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

The problem of gum disease affects far too many Naples and Ft Myers men and women.  Periodontal disease surpasses the minor stage of gingivitis to become the more serious dental disease when bacteria is allowed to cause excessive build-up of tartar and calculus.  This build-up causes deep pockets between teeth and gums, allowing bacteria to deteriorate the health of teeth and gums.  Gum disease can be avoided with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.  If caught early, the disease can be effectively controlled.  Gum disease treatments may include laser therapy, surgery, or scaling and root planing.  If you experience any signs of gum disease, such as sore gums or tooth loss, please contact Dr. Massa right away. 

We offer consultations in Naples, FL. You have absolutely nothing to fear, but it's important to schedule your appointment today to ensure the dental disease is taken care of right away.

Trust your dental work to the caring expertise of Dr. James W. Massa and his experienced Naples and Ft. Myers staff.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  Call or email our Naples office today to schedule your dental consultation.

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