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Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain

In Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Neck and shoulder pain may also be caused by an uneven bite, when the jaws do not come together as they should.  When the jaw muscles function inefficiently, the surrounding tissue may experience signs of stress, including pain, swelling and discomfort.  Because the jaw muscles run from ear to ear, symptoms of jaw distress may surface in the head, neck and shoulders.  Neck and shoulder pain is a common sign of a TMJ / TMD problem as the neck muscles become overworked and fatigued trying to balance the head posture being thrown off by stressed/fatigued bite muscles. This should be reviewed by a neuromuscular dentist if it continues.

If you are experiencing any of the listed dental problems or symptoms, a delay in diagnosis and treatment could compromise your health and make the pain even worse. 

Contact Dr. James W. Massa in Naples and Fort Myers today for a consultation. He is one of only a few expert neuromuscular dentists in Florida.

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