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Relief for Numbness in the Fingers and Arms

In Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Some TMJ / TMD patients may experience numbness in the fingers and arms as a side effect of an unharmonious bite.  When the muscles in the jaw become stressed and experience frequent contraction, the muscles in the neck and shoulders may also suffer painful side effects.  Pinching of the shoulder brachial plexus nerves can cause tingling in the fingers and arms, and lead to other unusual side effects.  If you’ve experienced numbness in the fingers and arms, you may need to visit a neuromuscular dentist for treatment.  Contact Dr. Massa right away for a personal neuromuscular evaluation.

These symptoms won't go away on their own and a delay in diagnosis and treatment could compromise your health even further. 

Please Contact Dr. James W. Massa in Naples and Fort Myers for expert neuromuscular care today. 


Trust your body to Dr. James W. Massa and his experienced staff.  We look forward to helping you achieve a pain free life.  Call or email our Naples office today for your neuromuscular consultation today.

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