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Tinnitus -or- Ringing in the Ears

Dental Issues in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a common sign of a TMJ / TMD problem.  When a person suffers from a bad bite, he may experience pain, swelling, and other side effects throughout the face and head.  Because of the close proximity of the jaw muscles and bone to the ear canals, ringing in the ears often signals a bite dysfunction. 

If you are experiencing frequent tinnitus, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Massa with any questions.

Even if you don't think the ringing in your ears is due to a bite problem, it is important to at least get the issue checked out so that you won't have to pay for any additional medical costs. Plus, you'll ensure that the ringing in your ears is not a sign of hearing loss.

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