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When An Extraction Can Improve Your Smile

Dentist in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Our Naples dentist Dr. James W. Massa is experienced in providing patients with tooth extraction services due to impacted, damaged, or decaying teeth.  A tooth extraction can be helpful in designing your perfect smile, especially if you have overcrowded teeth or an unhealthy bite.  This minor surgical procedure is quick and simple and carries very little risk. Extraction is often necessary when natural teeth fall victim to severe decay, as in the case of advanced periodontal disease.  Others may need extraction due to tooth injury, when enamel cannot be properly restored with cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Dr. Massa may also recommend impacted or unexpected wisdom teeth extraction if they threaten to negatively affect other teeth. 

During your tooth extraction, Dr. Massa will apply a local anesthetic and proceed to loosen the tooth and pull it using special forceps or, if the tooth is below the gumline, remove gum tissue and then extract the tooth.  Your teeth and gums should be completely healed in two weeks or less, and slight bleeding from the extraction site can be expected to subside within 24 hours.  Patients should avoid smoking and try to chew on the opposite side of the mouth during the healing process.  Dr. Massa will prescribe medication for any discomfort.  Depending on your situation, Dr. Massa may recommend you fill the new tooth gap with a dental implant, bridge or denture to avoid shifting of natural teeth and improve your bite. 

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