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General FAQs - Dentures

Naples Dentist

We’ve provided a list of helpful questions and answers for patients and potential patients to learn more about general dentistry.  Click on the links below for answers to commonly asked questions. 

What is the difference between a DDS and a DMD?
A DDS is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and a DMD degree is a Doctor of Dental Medicine.  Although they appear to be two different distinctions, the degrees and education required to obtain them are nearly identical.  They are just two different ways of describing an education in dentistry based on from which school the doctor graduated.

Which treatment option should I choose?
Dr. Massa will give you a treatment recommendation based on the results of your general dentistry evaluation.  He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of your various treatment options and let you know which option will give you optimal results.  You may also want to consider the cost of proposed treatments and get more information on our financing plans.  You will want to ensure that the option you choose, despite the cost, is designed as a long-term solution instead of a temporary fix.

Should I comparison shop for general dentistry exams and treatments?
If you are not completely happy with your current dental provider, you have every right as a consumer to expand your options and see what other dentists have to offer.  It is an easy process to transfer your dental records to a new location.  Calling around to other practices, visiting their offices, and visiting website's will help you get a feel for they way they do business.  Ask any questions that will help you make a strong decision, and schedule a check-up appointment when you are ready.  You’ll be surprised at how much dental practices can vary in their methods of service and personal treatment philosophies.  Don’t be afraid to take a little time to find the perfect dentist to meet your needs.  Visit our How to Choose a Dentist page.

Do I need a complete or full denture?

Complete dentures are recommended for patients who have only a few natural teeth remaining or none at all.  With complete dentures, the few natural teeth are extracted, if diseased, and full dentures are created to insert over the top and lower gums.  Partial dentures are recommended when a patient has several remaining teeth.  Partial dentures are created to fit over natural teeth and fill the spaces left by missing teeth. 

How are dentures made?
To create you custom partial or complete denture, Dr. Massa will begin by taking an initial impression and wax bite of your mouth.  Your new denture will be made to support your optimum jaw position and maintain a healthy bite.  You will be asked to try a temporary denture to determine the best color, shape and fit.  Once the final measurements are determined, you will be fitted for your permanent denture and Dr. Massa will make any necessary adjustments for comfort. 

Won’t my new dentures feel awkward?                                                       
Every patient can experience some awkwardness after going home with his or her final dentures.  One of the great advantages of neuromuscular dentures is they are custom-made to your muscles, tissues, and joints. This greatly reduces adjustment time—your dentures feel like they belong right from the start! You will get used to the new sensation and you will get the hang of removing and replacing the dentures each day.  If you are experiencing ongoing discomfort, or your dentures don’t fit into place with ease, contact Dr. Massa for an adjustment.

How often will I need denture adjustments?
Although your first set of dentures are custom-fitted and designed to give you functionality with maximum comfort, you more than likely will need to come in for adjustments when necessary.  Because the mouth continues to change as you age, and everyday use contributes to wear-and-tear. Dr. Massa can make minor adjustments to keep your dentures comfortable and useful.  Patients that ignore loose or awkward-fitting dentures may be prone to additional problems, like infection and decay of any remaining teeth.

How do I care for a new crown?
Although a crown is designed to strengthen a weakened tooth, it is not impervious to damage and should be treated with care.  Brush and floss your crowned tooth, and avoid biting into extremely hard or sticky foods or candy.  Try not to clench your jaw or grind teeth.  If you experience any discomfort or damage on your crowned tooth, contact Dr. Massa right away.

Can any dentist do a root canal?
A dentist with a DMD or DDS degree has received training to perform root canal therapy.  However, you should inquire about your dentist’s experience to make sure he or she has a high skill level for this intricate procedure.

How successful are root canals?
Root canal procedures have an estimated 90% success rate.  Patients must use extra caution after having the procedure performed as a root canal tooth can be more susceptible to damage, even with a crown.  Causes for root canal failure can include failure to extract all pulp tissue, damage during the treatment, and failure to completely seal the tooth. 

Is tooth extraction considered a last resort option? 
It is the policy of Dr. Massa to help patients retain as much natural enamel as possible.  If you have a tooth that is beyond reasonable repair and would not do well with a restoration, Dr. Massa may recommend extraction.  Many times, extraction is a necessary when bone-loss is extensive.  If extraction is recommended, and a space is left, Dr. Massa may recommend a dental bridge or dental implant to prevent other teeth from shifting, maintain a healthy bite, and enhance your smile. 

Dr. James W. Massa and his experienced staff members are ready to answer any questions you may have.  For exceptional dental care, call or
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