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Jaw Pain & Neuromuscular Dentistry FAQs

Naples LVI trained dentist serving Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Marco Island

How does Sonography contribute to TMJ / TMD diagnosis?
Dr. Massa uses sonography to help diagnose a patient’s neuromuscular condition.  By using sophisticated sonography technology, Dr. Massa can detect and decipher sounds made by the jaw joints and muscles.  Sonography helps Dr. Massa pinpoint the origin of sounds, and evaluate the origin of dysfunctional noises.  Clicking, popping, and grinding are just a few of the sounds that may be indicative of neuromuscular problems. 

What is Electromyography and how is it used?
Dr. Massa uses electromyography to monitor the electrical activity emanating from jaw muscles.  Using specialized equipment, Dr. Massa is able to measure and record the amount of tension involved when jaw muscles contract and expand.  These measurements are helpful during diagnosis and treatments, giving your doctor an internal look at what is going on during chewing, speaking, and other jaw functions.  Electromyography can also be used to measure how teeth fit together, and during the creation of crowns and other restorations to create your optimum bite. 

How is jaw tracking technology useful?
Revolutionary new jaw tracking technology allows Dr. Massa to measure and record all the intricate movements of your jaw, including details of velocity, rest positions, and full range of motion aspects.  Not only does this technology help Dr. Massa diagnose a TMJ / TMD problem, it also assists in treatment by helping him pinpoint the most functional and comfortable positions for your unique bite. 

How successful is TMJ / TMD treatment?
Because the jaw joint and muscles are quite flexible and adaptable, neuromuscular treatment has been extremely successful.  With a number of treatment options available, nearly every patient who seeks treatment from a highly trained neuromuscular dentist will find some method of relief.  If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact Dr. Massa for a personal evaluation.  TMJ / TMD is a progressive condition and can cause a lot of discomfort and pain if left untreated. 

You use TENS UNIT in Neuromuscular Dentistry. Why do you do that?
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation. Tensing relaxes (rather than fatigues) the muscles innervated by the trigeminal and facial nerves. This increases the blood flow, which provides more oxygen and fuel to the muscle cells, and removes toxins. As relaxation occurs, the muscles lose the muscle memory of the incorrect mandibular position and return to their physiologic length. Thus you can now determine the correct resting position of the lower jaw (mandible).

For expert neuromuscular solutions, trust Dr. James W. Massa and his educated staff to diagnose and treat your TMJ / TMD problems.  Call or email our office today for your personalized neuromuscular consultation. We are proud to serve those from Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Marco Island

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