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Gum Treatment - How to Get Stronger, Healthier Gums

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As most of you know, dentists consider plaque the number one enemy to healthy teeth and gums.  Tooth decay results when plaque accumulates on your teeth and hardens to become tartar, a sticky substance made up of harmful bacteria that can cause damage and infection.  Harmful bacteria can erode tooth surfaces and cause pain and swelling under the gumline. When plaque and tartar build-up are ignored and fail to be removed through brushing, flossing and professional cleaning, gingivitis and periodontitis can result.  It is so important to keep up with your regular dental check-ups, because many times gum disease may not exhibit symptoms until it becomes advanced and endangers natural teeth.  Symptoms of gum disease may include bleeding, red, swollen, or tender gums, bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, and bite changes.
So how is gum disease treated?  Each patient’s treatment will depend on how advanced the disease is. 

Dr. Massa will perform a complete periodontal exam, check your bite, and take full-mouth X-rays to help determine how your teeth and gums have been affected.  Dr. Massa uses a technique called periodontal probing to check the depth of your tooth pockets, and evaluates the severity of bone loss, if applicable.  After the stage of gum disease is identified, Dr. Massa will recommend a customized treatment plan, which may include standard gum therapy or laser gum treatment.  

Standard Gum Therapy
If your tooth pockets are not very deep and there are no signs of bone loss, Dr. Massa may just make some recommendations to step up your home care and increase your dental-visit frequency. 

If Dr. Massa determines that you have some bone loss or that the gums have receded from the teeth, the standard treatment is an intensive deep-cleaning, non-surgical method called scaling and root planing (SRP). There are also prescription medications and antibiotics that can help deter infection and minimize bacteria content.  Surgery may be recommended if the patient has suffered significant bone loss or supportive tissue loss.  No matter how severe your periodontal disease, the primary goal is to stop the spread of infection, reduce damage, and prevent further problems. 

Laser Gum Therapy
As an alternative to standard gum surgery, laser gum therapy is designed to close up deep pockets caused by gum disease and eliminate infection.  This minimally invasive procedure involves treatment using a state-of-the-art laser, with no cutting or stitching!  Discomfort is reduced from traditional gum surgery; laser therapy is comparatively quicker, has a faster recovery time, and produces favorable, long term results.

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