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Laser Dentistry - Technology Creates Perfection

LVI Certified Cosmetic Dentist in Naples & Ft Meyers

As technology continues to expand, lasers take on more of a presence in the field of dentistry.  Lasers are used by select number of cosmetic dentists to deliver energy in a concentrated form of light, whether targeting enamel, gum tissue, or pockets of decay.  Dr. Massa, an LVI trained cosmetic dentist, uses lasers to eliminate decay and infection, trim gum tissue, and perform other cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry procedures.  The lasers used at our office are certified and completely safe, delivering treatment only to a small intended target-area. 

Lasers are preferable to other more invasive treatment options.  For example, patients with gum disease can avoid gum surgery with laser gum therapy.  Laser dentistry is a quiet, quick option that many patients prefer to traditional dentistry equipment.  And with laser treatment, many of the unfavorable side effects of other methods can be avoided.  For instance, there is very little bleeding, no stitches and very little recovery time for patients undergoing laser gum therapy, as opposed to invasive gum surgery. 

During your personalized consultation, ask about laser dentistry for:

  • Cavity removal – laser energy can vaporize bacteria, tartar and calculus and help prepare a tooth for filling or restoration
  • Curing – laser energy can be used to harden bonding materials when used for fillings, bonding, and other restorations
  • Gum treatment – lasers can be used to recontour and reshape gums, or to remove decayed tissue affected by gum disease

    Laser Dentistry FAQs

Learn more about laser technology and its impact on dentistry.  For answers to your laser dentistry questions, call or email the office of Dr. James W. Massa in Naples today. 

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