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The Neuromuscular Treatment Process

Naples Bad Bite Dentist serving the Fort Myers area

If a neuromuscular problem is suspected, Dr. Massa will use sophisticated jaw tracking equipment and a process called electromyography to measure and evaluate bite muscle movement.  The jaw is evaluated in both resting and stressed positions, and tested for structural imbalance.  Dr. Massa may also utilize sonography equipment to record and detect abnormal sounds created by the movement of jaw muscles and joints.  A series of X-rays may also help Dr. Massa identify problems. 

If a neuromuscular problem is detected, Dr. Massa will create a customized treatment plan.  The primary goal of treatment is to determine at what position the muscles should be while resting.  This optimum rest position can be achieved by ‘retraining’ the muscles, tissues, and nerves to align properly.  When the optimum rest position is achieved, the muscles and joints should work efficiently while the jaw is in motion.

Depending on the severity of your Bite / TMJ / TMD problem, neuromuscular treatment may include any of the following measures:

  • Use of the ULF TENS unit to relieve symptoms of spasms and pain. The ULF TENS unit uses small electrical pulses, much like a massage, to relax muscles. 
  • Use of an orthotic device to stabilize your bite.  An orthotic device is worn over teeth to create a harmonious bite.  This is usually a temporary measure while Dr. Massa makes plans to permanently stabilize your bite. More about orthotics.
  • The coronoplasty procedure consists of reshaping tooth enamel to correct minor bite misalignments.
  • Dr. Massa may recommend removable overlay partials, similar to dentures, to fit over the back of your teeth and permanently correct your bite.
  • If your misaligned bite is attributed to short teeth, Dr. Massa may place porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers to lengthen enamel and permanently correct your bite. 
  • Muscle relaxants and other medications help some patients show improvement.
  • Braces may be utilized to move teeth into the desired positions to achieve a healthy and stable bite.
  • Diet and exercise changes may be suggested to reduce discomfort and promote healthy muscle tissue.
  • Physical therapy, including jaw stretching and tensing exercises can help minimize discomfort.
  • Surgery is used only in severe cases where other methods are not successful.

If you suspect you or a family member may be experiencing symptoms of TMJ / TMD, talk to a skilled neuromuscular dentist.  Dr. Massa and his staff have years of experience helping Naples and Fort Myers residents restore healthy bites and eliminate discomfort.  Call or email our office in Naples today for a personal consultation.

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