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Orthotic Devices Help Reposition Your Bite

Neuromuscular Dentist in Naples, Florida

Orthotic devices are utilized in neuromuscular dentistry to stabilize the bite and minimize the symptoms of TMJ / TMD. Also referred to as a ‘mouthguard,’ or oculus, an orthotic device is a removable piece of plastic or acrylic molded to fit your mouth. Its basic function is to relieve tension caused by an unstable bite. With a mouthguard, your dentist can manipulate your jaws to rest in a more desirable position.

Each patient has a unique jaw and any dysfunction will be unique for that person. Orthotic devices can stabilize the bite by adding height to teeth, or provide support for back teeth while effectively rotating the jaw forward. Whatever is causing your unusual bite, the custom-made mouthguard should be able to reduce the strain placed on overworked jaw muscles.

Orthotics may be used as little or as much as desired. Many patients find it works wonders to relieve their symptoms, so they prefer to utilize their mouthguards often. While you may feel your new orthotic device feels awkward at first, you will eventually get used to the new position of your teeth and jaws. Patients do not have to worry about the mouthguard being bulky or noticeable – they are created for comfort and discretion.

If you choose to use an orthotic for treatment, you will need to visit Dr. Massa regularly to check the position of your jaw and temporomandibular joint, at least until your bite shows signs of stabilization. Some orthotics devices are designed to be temporary, while others may give you successful long-term results. Dr. Massa will help you decide if this treatment option is right for you.

If you think you may be having neuromuscular problems, seek the help of an experienced Naples neuromuscular dentist. Call or email Dr. James W. Massa today for your personal evaluation.

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