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Porcelain / White Fillings for a Pleasant Look

Cosmetic Dentist for Naples, Florida

If you are told you have a cavity, Dr. Massa will most likely recommend a white filling.  Fillings are used to stop decay and repair minor tooth damage.  Dr. Massa does not use outdated metal fillings, opting instead for porcelain or a white composite (a mixture of resins).  The porcelain or composite materials produce a natural result and can be colored to match your unique tooth shade.  Fillings may also be used to repair dental problems caused by injury or damage.

During a filling procedure, Dr. Massa will remove any decay found, then smooth out the cavity area.  An impression of the area is taken and a shade is chosen for your filling.  A temporary filling is placed while the porcelain filling is being created.  The new filling is then bonded in place with a special adhesive.  Your new porcelain filling matches your teeth perfectly with a smooth and natural texture!  With good care, your porcelain filling can last 15 years or more. 

If you have an old metal filling that you’d like to replace, consider the durable, attractive alternative of porcelain fillings.

For the latest in filling technology, contact our dentist in Naples, Florida.  Call or email us today for your personal dental consultation.

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