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Nutrition Services

Dental Experts in Naples, Florida

At the office of Dr. James W. Massa, we don’t just treat our patients and end the relationship.  We believe in establishing an ongoing, positive dental relationship that our patients can use in everyday life to improve and maintain their dental health.  With that in mind, we offer a few helpful products and services that patients can utilize to achieve optimum oral health.

Nutrition Counseling
Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of overall health, not just our dental health. Modern medicine does not focus enough attention and education on nutrition. Food allergies in children are rampant, affecting the growth of their dental arches. Of course, we all know the affects of a poor diet on the teeth. Dr. Massa and his staff are committed to working with you about these issues. We can guide you to proper information and care-givers that make nutrition the priority it should be for you and your family.

See what our Naples Dentist has to offer. Contact our office to discuss your health options.  We look forward to meeting your dental nutrition needs.

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