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Are you looking for high-quality dentists in the Naples area to help you maintain or achieve optimal dental health? It’s important to find a dental office that offers the treatments you need to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and functional smile. We invite you to meet our dentists at Massa Dental Center to see how we can transform your oral health by utilizing the latest dental technology and techniques. We strive to provide the best dental care our patients deserve.

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Improve Your Quality of Sleep

One dental technology we utilize in our office is Vivos. The Vivos system treats sleep apnea conditions with a custom biomimetic medical device. Patients wear the device on a nightly basis and within 12 to 24 months, they will no longer require any treatment to get a healthy night of sleep. This technology helps relieve sleep apnea symptoms and treat the underlying causes for lifelong results. Patients start to notice a difference in their quality of sleep after just a few days of use. Learn how you can treat your underdeveloped airway and improve your quality of sleep with a Vivos consultation.


Naples, FL Dentists

Naples, FL Dentist James W Massa

James W. Massa

D.D.S, L.V.I.F

Patients can reap the benefits of visiting Dr. Massa for his expertise and advanced skills learned through the elite Las Vegas Institute for Dental Studies training. His extended knowledge transcends into sleep apnea treatment, TMJ, physiologic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and much more.

Stacey Vlachos

D.D.S, A.B.O.I, I.C.O.I

Naples, FL Dentist Dr. Vlachos

Dr. Vlachos’ 35-year commitment to the field of implant dentistry and I.V. sedation is the key to his successful treatments today. Dr. Vlachos has earned a national reputation for his clinical excellence and technical expertise. He has participated in ground-breaking procedures which have resulted in implantology becoming the fastest-growing field in dentistry.

Daniel Cocris


Naples, FL Dentist Dr. Cocris

Dr. Cocris is committed to providing his patients with comprehensive care that benefits oral health and the body as a whole. He has specialized training in implant and grafting surgery, Invisalign, and advanced root canal therapy. He continues to dedicate his free time to improving his skills and continuing his dental education.

Tony Tomaro


Dr. Tomaro is an esteemed restorative and cosmetic dentist, renowned for his knowledge of TMJ and occlusion. He is known for his unique approach to veneers and smile design, using facial landmarks to create tailor-made porcelain veneers for a natural-looking finish. Many Las Vegas celebrities and performers sought Dr. Tomaro to create their new smiles, and now we have the pleasure of welcoming him to Naples.

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CEREC One-visit dentistry


Never wear temporary restorations again. With CEREC, we can create and place permanent restorations on the same day as the procedure.


How Our Investment in Technology Benefits Patients

Massa Dental Center is proud to utilize a wide range of dental technology to diagnose and treat our patients. Our advanced technology allows us to diagnose more accurately, plan procedures better, perform procedures better, make patients feel more comfortable and provide more amazing results.

Some of the dental technology we utilize in our office includes the CEREC that creates permanent restorations the same day as procedures. This technology prevents our patients from having to wear uncomfortable temporary restorations while waiting for the permanent pair to return from the dental lab. As a result, our patients don’t have to make multiple trips to our office or deal with any inconvenience. We also use a WaterLase MD Laser, digital x-rays, K-7, VaTech CBCT, TENS, Intra-Oral Camera and a VELscopeOral Cancer Screening. Each piece of technology plays a crucial role in our patient’s experience.


A Long-Term Solution for TMJ Pain

The system that makes up your bite is much more than just teeth and bones. Physiologic dentistry looks at every component that comprises your bite such as the muscles, ligaments, bones, nerves, teeth and other soft and hard tissues. When there is disharmony in your bite, it oftentimes leads to TMJ which can cause severe and debilitating pain.

To treat TMJ, we use physiologic dentistry to bring all elements of the bite to complete harmony. The treatment will establish balance to all areas of the jaw to resolve TMJ pain permanently. If you suffer from TMJ, our neuromuscular dentists at Massa Dental Center can help.

Patient Testimonials

“I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much my life has changed in regards to my smile reconstruction. First and most important was your staff as they were extremely well trained as well as the personal attention that they gave me. The entire process was scary at first however, with your expertise and extremely pleasant staff my treatment went very smooth. My symptoms of grinding my teeth at night in addition to my jaw pain have all been resolved.”