What Are the Four Benefits of Using Waterlase Treatment in the Dental Office?

At Massa Dental Center, our team of providers are excited to offer patients in and around the community of Naples, FL with solutions for improving the health and wellness of their smile. By reinvesting into the practice to obtain advanced devices, we are able to improve the quality of treatment we can provide to our patients. This includes the integration of Waterlase technology.

What is Waterlase?

Waterlase is a specialized treatment that was developed by Biolase to integrate water and dental lasers to successfully treat a wide range of dental conditions in a minimally invasive, gentle manner. Treatment using Waterlase provides faster healing, more comfortable treatment, and the elimination of the dreaded dentist’s drill. Services provided with the Waterlase device often do not require anesthetics or drills, making each visit to the dentist a positive experience.

What are four benefits of the Waterlase device?

• Little or no anesthetics – in most cases, patients undergoing treatment with the Waterlase device don’t need shots of anesthetics. This allows procedures to be performed without patients feeling numb for several hours afterward.

• Natural dentistry – many of our patients are seeking more holistic, natural ways of treating conditions in the body. With Waterlase, the combination of water, air, and laser energy ensures effective treatment while eliminating the introduction of harmful materials into the mouth.

• Improved convenience – because this treatment is gentle and fast, patients can have their tooth decay treated quickly and easily using the Waterlase device. Treatment of cavities can be completed at the same time a patient has their routine evaluation, saving patients from having to schedule future appointments into their already busy schedules.

• Precision – lasers are used in many medical applications and continue to be the best way to achieve precision treatment. Traditional dental tools cannot provide the same results as treatments performed with the Waterlase device.

Are you ready to learn more about Waterlase?

Contact Drs. James Massa, Daniel Cocris, and Stacey Vlachos today about the advantages of using Waterlase treatment at your next visit. The practice is located in the area of Naples, FL at 2220 Venetian Court, Suite 1 and can be reached by phone to book an appointment at (239) 597-7333.

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