What and What Not To Eat for Dental Health

Family Dentistry Naples, FLEvery once in a while, we get a patient who is very concerned about their teeth. Honestly, we love to geek out about teeth with patients, especially when it means we can help prevent tooth damage. One of our patients told us about her old dental office, who just happened to be giving out cookies on the day she went in for her regular visit. Whether they always had cookies, or someone that worked there just happened to make them and bring them in that day, she wasn’t so sure. Regardless, if your dentist is giving away sugary treats on a regular basis, you might have a reason to worry!

Keep reading to learn about some of the best and worst foods for your teeth.

Worst Foods


Drinking more water is important, and many of us could probably drink more of it. But what do you do if you don’t love the taste? Add a squeeze of lemon juice. While a little lemon can jazz up your water, it can also harm your teeth. The acid in all citrus can damage teeth over the long run, eroding enamel and exposing you to tooth decay. Try to skip the lemon sometimes to give your teeth a break.


If you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to know that your teeth are definitely affected by all that sugar. The more often you eat candy, the more sugar gets a chance to sit on your teeth. Depending on how quickly you can floss and brush, your chances of getting cavities will likely go up when you eat sugary candies.


What’s worse than candy? Liquid candy, which is basically what soda is. The high amount of sugar in soft drinks can really do a number on your teeth, but the acidic nature of soda makes it even worse for your enamel.

Best Foods

Dark, Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables that are high in fiber will require more chewing, which is good. When sugar sits on the teeth too long, it can cause damage and weakened enamel, but vegetables don’t hold the same level of danger. When you chew fibrous vegetables, they actually help scrub the teeth clean and increase saliva production. Just make sure nothing is stuck in your teeth when you’re done eating and you’ll be on your way to improved dental health.

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