The Three Types of Cavities

Dental Cleaning Naples, FLIt might sneak up on you: that little twinge when you eat something cold or take a sip of ice water. Some of us have sensitive teeth, but that little shot of pain can also signal one of our least favorite things: a cavity. And it’s pretty important to see your dentist as soon as you start to suspect something like a cavity might be creeping up into your dental world. Why? Because, depending on the type of cavity you’re dealing with, you may be looking at various levels of correction. Keep reading to learn about the three types of cavities (though you should avoid all of them).

Smooth Surface Cavities

This type of decay comes from regular eating and drinking. You can’t avoid all kinds of food, so don’t fret too much. Just understand that the smooth parts of your teeth, like the sides, can get cavities, too, due to sticky plaque. Brush and floss twice a day to remove that sticky gunk from in between your teeth.

Pit and Fissure Cavities

This decay happens on the top of your teeth, where your chewing is concentrated. Take a look in the mirror. Your back teeth have little grooves or “pits and fissures,” that help you chew and tear food before you swallow it. Food and bacteria gets stuck easily in them, which can lead to painful cavities. Don’t rush your daily brushing and make sure to go over top and bottom teeth thoroughly.

Root Cavities

Decay at the root of the tooth is likely the most serious, since the root keeps the rest of the tooth healthy. To make it worse, the roots of your teeth don’t have protective enamel, so cavities can grow more quickly here. Brushing gently to keep your gums from receding is important, as is keeping yourself hydrated. A dry mouth can increase risk of cavities so drink lots of water.

Are you bothered by a pain in your tooth? If you think or know you have an untreated cavity, having it treated now can resolve pain and prevent further damage to your tooth. Call us today at (239) 597-7333 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

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