When our Naples, FL patients come to us with one or more missing teeth, our team of professionals may suggest the use of a dental prosthetic to address gaps within the smile. Replacing missing teeth will improve the smile’s appearance while also providing a safeguard against oral health complications. How does a dental bridge replace a missing tooth, and how does our dental team ensure they look and feel natural?

Complications of missing teeth

Many patients think a missing tooth is just a cosmetic concern. In addition to causing embarrassing gaps within the smile, missing teeth can cause the existing teeth to drift out of their current position to fill the exposed gaps in the smile. This, in turn, means more spaces and improper alignment of the dental arch. Dental misalignment can also contribute to the development of decay and disease, while at the same time, placing pressure on the jaw joints. This pressure can contribute to the development of bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder. Addressing the gap left behind by missing teeth will help patients maintain their oral health and wellness while ensuring they feel confident with their smile.

Creating a dental bridge

Dental bridges are dental restorations available with the team of Massa Dental Center. Our providers can assess a patient to determine if they are a candidate for a dental bridge. This bridge is a porcelain restoration that includes dental crowns which use adjacent teeth to anchor the restoration in place. The restoration include false teeth fused to these crowns to create a single prosthetic. The bridge is bonded to the adjacent teeth to recreate the original dental arch and allow for proper function. Patients with dental bridges can enjoy them for anywhere between 10 to 15 years with proper attention and routine maintenance before replacement is required.

Massa Dental Center replaces missing teeth

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