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Candid Pro Clear Teeth Aligners

Get a Straight Smile More Conveniently with Candid Pro Aligners in Naples, FL

Everyone wants to improve their smiles. Almost nobody looks forward to the experience of wearing sharp metal braces for years to get the smile they want. Now you can get a straight smile with clear plastic aligners. Plus, with Candid Pro, you can achieve the straight smile you desire and almost never have to visit our dental office. After an initial consultation and treatment planning, you can take care of the orthodontic work from the comfort of your home in an average of six months. We can evaluate your progress virtually, and only call you in if there’s a problem.

The cosmetic dentists at Massa Dental Center can help you utilize this advanced technology platform for orthodontic work. They will help ensure you get great results with maximum comfort and convenience. To learn if you’re a candidate for Candid Pro aligners, please call (239) 597-7333 or use our contact form to schedule a consultation at our Naples, FL office today.

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What Candid Pro Can Do

Candid Pro is an effective orthodontic treatment, but it’s generally recommended for more limited treatment cases. In part that’s because it’s designed to be a short course of orthodontics. It is also because Candid wants to make sure they’re only treating cases they know they can handle effectively.

Candid Pro can treat mild to moderate malocclusions, including:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Misalignment
  • Protrusion

It doesn’t treat severe alignment and spacing issues, and it doesn’t correct your bite. However, it can be combined with teeth whitening to brighten discolored teeth. Our goal is ensuring you get the best care possible, so if you’re not a candidate for Candid Pro, we will let you know.

Benefits of Candid Pro

Candid Pro has many of the benefits of other clear aligner treatments like Invisalign, plus a few of its own. With Candid Pro, you can enjoy:

Convenience – With Candid Pro, you only come into our office for the initial consultation and treatment planning, if all goes well. Thanks to Candid Pro’s remote CandidMonitoring™ you can do check-ups from home. This lets you know when to move on to the next set of aligners. You only need to come into the office if you have a problem.

Comfort – Candid Pro doesn’t use wires or brackets. The aligners are very comfortable to wear. The transition from one set of aligners to the next is relatively small compared to some orthodontic tightening office visits, so the discomfort is minor.

Discretion – Traditional braces give you a mouth full of metal. But with Candid Pro, you can straighten your teeth with just clear plastic aligners. These aligners are almost invisible–no one will notice you are wearing them. People won’t know you’re straightening your teeth unless you tell them.

Fast Results – Candid Pro is designed to be a quick orthodontic treatment. Partly case selection, but also partly the technology helps you to get the straightening you need relatively quickly. The average Candid Pro treatment takes just six months.

Quality of Life – With Candid treatment, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. You can take out your aligners, eat whatever you want, and put the aligners back in. You can even drink with them in, just remember the importance of rinsing and cleaning your aligners afterwards. Brushing and flossing is easy, too. With aligners out, it’s just like normally brushing your teeth, though you have to do it a little more often.

How Does Candid Pro Work?

Candid Pro starts like other orthodontic treatments: with a consultation with Dr. James Massa or Dr. Daniel Cocris. They will evaluate your movement in teeth to see if  you might be a candidate for Candid Pro.

If you are, they will send a scan to the Candid Pro office, where the advanced computer will assess the precise tooth movements necessary to achieve the straight smile you desire. Then the computer will break those movements up into a set of steps. It makes a clear plastic aligner to achieve each of these steps. Then Candid Pro will ship you the aligner kit, including the full set of aligners and the CandidMonitoring™ tool.

You will wear each aligner for at least 22 hours a day for about two weeks. You can check in periodically with the CandidMonitoring ™  tool. This is an attachment for your cell phone that lets the camera take a detailed image of your teeth. This gets sent to Massa Dental Center and Candid Pro so we can evaluate the progress of your treatment. If your treatment is progressing, we will recommend that you move on to your next aligner. Sometimes you move on a little early, sometimes a little late.

When you’ve gone through all your aligners, treatment is finished, and you’ll have the beautiful, straight smile you’ve been longing for.

Get a Straight Smile in Naples, FL

If you’re tired of having gapped, crowded, or misaligned teeth, Massa Dental Center in Naples, FL can help. We can recommend the best approach to straightening your teeth, whether that’s Candid Pro, Invisalign, or epigenetic orthodontic approaches that reshape your jaw and airway while straightening teeth.

To learn what’s the best orthodontic approach for you, please call (239) 597-7333 or use our online contact form today to schedule an appointment at Massa Dental Center in Naples, FL.

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