What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the tiny titanium posts that resemble screws that our implant dentists surgically places in your jawbone to replace missing teeth. Once placed, your jaw bone will bond with the posts to create a stable and strong foundation. Replacement teeth are then attached to the dental implants. The end result is a stable tooth replacement that feels just like a natural tooth.

What Is The Cost?

Although dental implants are a great procedure, many patients are put off by the price. Before you write off implants altogether, take a few factors into consideration. To start, your dental insurance may cover a portion of your procedure. This can cut the price down. Prices also vary per patient. This is because not all patients need the same number of implants or have the same procedures. Although your sister paid thousands of dollars for her implants, yours might not be the same.

Lastly, dental implants offer benefits you can’t get with any other treatment. When you weigh the health benefits and take into consideration that your implants will last you the rest of your life, the investment is well worth the money. Implants have an average success rate of 90 to 95%.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

dental implants naples floridaDental implants offer a wide variety of benefits to patients including:

  • Natural feeling
  • Comfortable
  • Easy eating
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved appearance
  • Maintain bone in the jaw

Who’s a Good Candidate?

If you think dental implants sound like a good tooth replacement option for your smile, visit us to find out if you’re a good candidate. Generally, most patients are good candidates if they have good oral health and adequate bone in their jaw. If there is not enough bone to hold implants in place, we can use smaller implants or give you a bone graft to help you qualify for the procedure. We will also check to see if you have a medical condition that may cause implants to fail.

Dental Implants Procedure

Your dental implants procedure will consist of 5 steps starting with your consultation with our implant dentists who handle all implant treatments at Massa Dental Center. During your consultation, he will give you a full oral exam and take x-rays and a cone beam CAT(computerized axial tomography) scan to determine if you have sufficient bone density in your jaw. If you have enough jawbone, he will move onto the next step, otherwise, recommend a bone graft or other procedure.

Next, we will place the dental implant in your jaw. Sometimes he needs to drill a small hole to make room for the implant. The implant looks just like a screw and is actually screwed into your jaw.

Next in your dental implants procedure is the waiting game. For the next three to six months, osseointegration occurs where your jawbone grows around the implant to hold it in place.

Once you’re healed, our implant dentists will move onto the next step where he attaches the abutment to the post. The abutment is the connecting piece that connects the implant to your replacement tooth.

Our Naples, FL implant dentists will then take impressions of your mouth to create your tooth replacement, whether that be a dental crown, bridge or dentures. You will wear a temporary set until your permanent pair returns from the dental lab.

Once your crown or other dental restoration is ready, Dr. Massa or Dr. Cocris will attach it to the abutment. Your restoration will look like a natural tooth and is even colored and shaped to blend in with surrounding teeth.

Contact Our Dental Implants Dentist in Naples, FL

In just 5 steps, you’re on your way to a brand new smile. Although the process takes months to complete, the results are well worth it. If you think your smile can benefit from dental implants, find out if you’re a good candidate. Call our Naples dental implants specialist to schedule a consultation today at (239) 597-7333.