What Can Your Dentist Do With a Dental Laser?

Almost every procedure can benefit from laser dentistry. Here are a few ways we use lasers in our office:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort from cold sores and canker sores
  • Help treat infections during a root canal
  • Speed up teeth whitening treatment
  • Reshape or remove gums to lengthen crowns
  • Treat gum disease
  • Expose wisdom teeth
  • Performing biopsies
  • Remove tooth decay

Laser Dentistry Benefits

We use lasers most commonly used for gum recontouring and periodontal therapy and provide many advantages including:

  • Extreme precision
  • The laser immediately seals the incision, therefore there is no scarring, and bleeding is minimal
  • There is minimal post-op healing time and discomfort
  • Much quieter than drills making it the perfect tool to use on patients with dental anxiety

Massa Dental Center utilizes the wonderfully advanced Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo. It can treat the hardest tissue in the human body – enamel – without heat vibration, or the risk of cross-contamination. It can also beautifully sculpt tissues for cosmetic treatment painlessly.

Types of Dental Lasers

Both hard and soft tissue lasers are available for your specific needs. Each laser uses different wavelengths in order to properly cut into the tissue.

Hard Tissue Dental Lasers

We use hard tissue lasers most frequently when operating on teeth due to their ability to cut through the calcium phosphate in your teeth. With utmost precision – hard tissue lasers are commonly used for handling tooth sensitivity, detecting cavities, and preparing for dental fillings.

Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

We use soft tissue lasers primarily for gum work. Because they use shorter wavelengths, they can easily perform procedures that involve cutting into soft tissue. In addition, we commonly use them when reshaping gums or lengthening crowns.

Fotona Lightwalker

Massa Dental Center is the hub for sleep and snoring treatment in Naples, FL. The Fotona Lightwalker laser uses photothermal technology to form and improve the elasticity of the collagen in the back of your mouth. Focusing on the oropharynx, soft palate, and uvula, the Lightwalker targets muscle tissues to tighten the oropharyngeal tissue and visibly elevate the soft palate and uvula. With the upper airway wider, oxygen has more room to pass through, resulting in decreased sleep apnea symptoms, less snoring, and a better night’s sleep. The Fotona Lightwalker is non-invasive, has no downtime, increases your quality of sleep, is safe, and is a quick treatment with excellent results.

Treat Your Snoring with the Fotona Lightwalker

Do you find yourself getting inadequate sleep due to snoring? Or maybe your partner is having trouble sleeping because of your snoring. The Fotona Lightwalker or Nightlase Laser Snoring Treatment can help you and your partner get a better night’s sleep. It tightens loose collagen in your airway to naturally lift the tissue. The laser opens your airway wider and allows you both to sleep soundlessly.

Are you interested in this revolutionary snoring treatment? Call (239) 597-7333 or make an appointment online.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Yes! Dental lasers are completely safe when they’re used by a dentist who has had the special training needed to use it. Dr. Massa knows exactly how to use a laser properly and will ensure your safety during each and every procedure. One way we protect our patients from lasers is by giving them a pair of sunglasses to wear during their procedure. This protects the eyes from the bright light of the laser.

Can My Dentist Use a Laser for Every Procedure?

Dental lasers are very useful dental instruments. If you’re curious if Dr. Massa can use a laser for a certain procedure you’re about to have done, just ask! We will let you know if it’s a possibility or not. If not, please let us know what we can do to ensure you feel more comfortable during your appointment with us.

At The Massa Dental Center, Dr. Massa provides laser dentistry each and every workday to our patients. For answers to your laser dentistry questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact Massa Dental Center in Naples, Florida today by calling (239) 597-7333.