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Laser Dentistry in Naples, FL
Laser dentistry is a relatively new, advanced form of dental treatment. It involves using a precision laser instead of a traditional scalpel or dental handpiece to perform cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Lasers are most commonly used for gum re-contouring and periodontal therapy, and provide many advantages including:

  • Extreme precision
  • The laser immediately seals the incision, therefore there is no scarring, and bleeding is minimal
  • There is minimal post-op healing time and discomfort

The Massa Dental Center utilizes the wonderfully advanced Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo. It can treat the hardest tissue in the human body – enamel – without heat vibration, or the risk of cross contamination. It can also beautifully sculpt tissues for cosmetic treatment painlessly.

Types of Dental Lasers

Both hard and soft tissue lasers are available for your specific needs. Each laser uses different wavelengths in order to properly cut into the tissue.

Hard Tissue Dental Lasers

Laser Dentistry
Hard tissue lasers are used most frequently when operating on teeth due to their ability to cut through the calcium phosphate in your teeth. With utmost precision – hard tissue lasers are commonly used for handling tooth sensitivity, detecting cavities, and preparing for dental fillings

Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

Soft Tissue lasers are primarily used for gum work. Because they use shorter wavelengths, they can easily perform procedures that involve cutting into soft tissue. Soft tissue lasers are commonly used when reshaping gums or lengthening crowns.

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At The Massa Dental Center, Dr. Massa provides laser dentistry each and every workday to our patients.  For answers to your laser dentistry questions, Contact The Massa Dental Center in Naples, Florida today.

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