Sedation Dentistry

Why choose sedation dentistry?

Are you someone who avoids going to the Dentist? Does the thought of dental treatment make you extremely anxious, nervous or frightened? For some of us, these feelings are so severe, dental treatment is totally avoided. Sedation dentistry can be your answer.

Dr. Stacey Vlachos is pleased to offer safe and effective conscious oral sedation and IV sedation to our patients at The Massa Dental Center. Sedation will put you in a state of relaxation, but still conscious enough to respond to direction; and you will remember very little about your actual procedure.

Stop the frequent cycle of delaying treatment due to fear. Tooth, gum problems and oral cancer get worse with each passing year. Missing important check-ups and procedures allow your dental problems to grow more complicated and more expensive to treat. Sedation dentistry can be the answer for comfortable cleanings, exams or the cosmetic dentistry service you have always desired.

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