Epigenetic dentistry is a new and still-emerging discipline. Not many people know about the approach, its benefits, and what it can do for you. Epigenetic dentistry utilizes your body’s natural triggers for turning certain genes on or off to encourage healthy development.

While many people benefit from epigenetic dentistry as kids, teens, or young adults, there are some genetic triggers that we can activate at almost any age. This can help people achieve healthy teeth and jaws that might not have been possible because of limitations of earlier development.

If you are looking for advanced dental care, consider epigenetic dentistry in Naples, FL at the Massa Dental Center. These benefits might make epigenetic dentistry a great choice for you. 

Personalized Approach

Sometimes it can be easy for a dentist to fall into a routine where they simply perform standard dental procedures over and over again.

However, with epigenetic dentistry, you will never get the same, standardized care as everyone else. Epigenetic dentistry depends on the application of personalized, custom approaches that fit your particular developmental status. There is no simple, out-of-the-box epigenetic dentistry. It’s all custom-designed for each patient.

Treat Many Concerns at Once

One of the most exciting benefits of epigenetic dentistry is its ability to deliver comprehensive care. Your body develops as a single whole, so it makes sense that many oral health problems related to development would also be related to each other. It also means that the mechanism for treating one can also end up treating others.

With epigenetics, we can often resolve multiple problems at once to help you achieve a more attractive and healthier smile. With your customized epigenetic dentistry treatment, you might be able to improve or resolve:

As well as others. We will talk to  you about your goals and perform a comprehensive evaluation that will help us design a solution that resolves all your concerns.

Avoid Extractions for Orthodontics

Not only does epigenetic dentistry treat many different conditions at once, it treats them differently than traditional approaches. This is true for orthodontics. One benefit of epigenetic dentistry is the attitude to dental extractions. While many dentists will recommend tooth extractions during orthodontic treatment, this isn’t always necessary.

Traditional orthodontics sees a jaw that is too small for your teeth as an insurmountable barrier. However, with epigenetic dentistry, we see the opportunity to expand the jaw to make room for all your teeth. This means that you can achieve a beautiful, straight smile without having to extract teeth to make room. Since your adult teeth are irreplaceable, this is a huge benefit.

Improve Facial Appearance

Your facial appearance and your jaw structure are closely related. The facial structures of the jaws and teeth provide the solid foundation on which the soft tissues of your face rest. When we reshape the jaw to make the bite healthier, create room for your teeth, and/or expand the airway, it can cause your profile to change. Most often, people will see an improvement in a receding or weak chin. However, other concerns about the appearance and structure of the face can be addressed as well.

Of course, we can’t completely change your appearance. We will talk to you about the limits of epigenetic dentistry so you can have realistic expectations about your final results. However, the procedure can make a big difference to help you be happy about your facial proportions.

Enjoy Permanent Results

Many dental procedures have long-lasting results. Few can achieve permanent results. However, epigenetic dentistry can. The results of epigenetic dentistry are crafted in your bones, and this means that they can be permanent.

This is an especially big benefit for sleep apnea sufferers who might have thought that they would be forced to use CPAP every night for the rest of their lives. Instead, the epigenetic dentistry technique Vivos® offers the chance for a true, lasting cure.

You can enjoy a permanently straightened smile, improved jaw function, and better breathing in the day and at night. These can last for life. Maintaining your results is also easy. At most, you will have to wear a discreet, comfortable retainer periodically. The amount of time you wear it depends on your condition. It will start with every night wear, then decrease over time. Eventually, it might be just once a week or less.

Pioneers of Epigenetic Dentistry in Naples, FL

Are you intrigued by the potential benefits of epigenetic dentistry? If so, then you should see Naples, Florida’s own pioneers of epigenetic dentistry. Few dentists have the training to offer epigenetic dentistry techniques such as Vivos®–a true possible cure for sleep apnea.

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