I’m sure you already know that smoking causes various systemic health problems such as lung cancer and oral cancer. But, what most people don’t account for is how much smoking also affects their smile.

Many people don’t even think about how their smile affects their daily life, but, your smile is often the first thing a person notices about you. And, smoking negates your smile’s dazzling effects. It causes bad breath, increases plaque buildup, increases the risk of gum disease, yellows teeth, and more. So, to keep your first impression clean and beautiful, you should consider quitting.

At Massa Dental Center, we want you to have a beautiful, comfortable smile. This means that we care about how your teeth look as well as the functionality of your pearly whites. However, if you’re a smoker, then you’re constantly working against your beautiful smile and your dentist’s hard work.

Steps to Quit Smoking

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) sets a five-step system to quit smoking and leave it behind you. With these five steps and ample support, you might just get the structure you need to quit.

First, set a date to quit smoking.

When setting a date, think about what you’ll be going through at that time. Try to set a date with relatively few external stressors so you won’t go back to smoking immediately.

Next, gather a group of supporters.

Sometimes, it really does take a village! Speak to your family, friends, doctors, counselors, and even your dentist. Tell everyone you can about your goals so that they can hold you accountable for your actions.

Then, figure out which behavioral distractions work for you.

One of our favorites is to carry a to-go toothbrush with you so you have something to do when the urge to smoke comes. You could also carry around chewing gum or mouthwash if these distractions work better.

Also, seek out help from certain medications.

Both prescription and over-the-counter medication can help you through this difficult time by mitigating urges and helping your body through pain.

Finally, prepare for setbacks and mistakes.

Your body will experience a very hard transition and nobody is perfect. You’ll want to seek help in advance for times of hardship, relapses, and obstacles. Trust a friend or counselor with keeping you on track and let them know what to do if a relapse occurs.

Your Dentist Cares

Our office in Naples, Florida, cares about your health. We want you to be healthy with both your oral hygiene and systemic health. If you want to visit a dentist who cares about you, schedule an appointment with Massa Dental Center online or by calling us at (239) 597-7333.