Some may be tempted to ignore that little twinge when eating something cold or taking a sip of ice water, but you shouldn’t. While some of us have sensitive teeth, that little shot of pain can also signal one of our least favorite things: a cavity.

What Is A Cavity?

Cavities are something that no one can hide from. Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes that can grow bigger over time. Studies have found that 90% of adults have cavities. Damage can create a need for additional cosmetic dentistry treatment. As soon as you start to suspect something like a cavity might be forming, it’s important to visit your Naples dentist. Depending on the type of cavity you may have, you could be looking at various levels of correction, from a simple filling to a dental implant. Learn about the three types of cavities and how they’re treated.

1. Smooth Surface Cavities

This type of decay comes from regular eating and drinking and can appear even on the sides of your teeth. The smooth parts of your teeth, like the sides, can get cavities, too, due to sticky plaque. It’s impossible to avoid all types of food, so be sure to brush and floss twice a day to remove that sticky gunk from in between your teeth.

2. Pit and Fissure Cavities

This decay happens on the top of your teeth, where your chewing is concentrated. Take a look in the mirror. Your back teeth have little grooves or “pits and fissures,” that help you chew and tear food before you swallow it. Food and bacteria can get stuck in them easily. This can lead to painful cavities. Don’t rush your daily brushing and make sure to go over the top and bottom teeth thoroughly.

3. Root Cavities

Decay at the root of the tooth is likely the most serious since the root keeps the rest of the tooth healthy. To make it worse, the roots of your teeth don’t have protective enamel, so cavities can grow more quickly here. Brushing gently to keep your gums from receding is important, as is keeping yourself hydrated. A dry mouth can increase the risk of cavities so drink lots of water.

Cavity Treatments

If you do have one of the types of cavities listed above, there are a few different ways to treat it. One of our dentists will assess the severity of your cavity and then determine the best avenue of treatment for your specific case.

Dental Fillings

Previously, it was common for dentists to use amalgam dental fillings. However, amalgam fillings can lead to tooth sensitivity. Some countries have even banned amalgam fillings due to their potential dangerous risks like mercury poisoning. Here at Massa Dental Center, we only use tooth-colored fillings made with natural composite and porcelain materials and without mercury or metal. These tooth-colored fillings will leave you with natural-looking results that are stronger and safer.

Dental Crowns

If you have severe tooth decay or even have several large fillings, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. Crowns are essentially a cap for your tooth that restores the strength and structure of the tooth. We use all-porcelain crowns to ensure every patient gets the strength and beauty of a natural tooth.

Root Canal

If tooth decay becomes so severe that inflammation or infection occurs, then a root canal may be necessary. A root canal is a procedure to clean out decay and infection from your tooth and to help prevent further decay or infection. This has become a very common procedure. According to the American Association of Endodontists, dentists perform nearly 25 million root canals each year.

Treating Cavities in Naples, FL

No matter the type of cavity you may have, if you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity or think you may be developing a cavity, it is vital that you see your dentist right away. Treating your cavity as soon as possible can resolve pain and prevent further damage to your tooth. We have several different ways to treat cavities depending on the severity. We here at Massa Dental Center care about your oral health and want to help you make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible.

If you think you may have a cavity or have an amalgam filling you would like to have replaced, let Massa Dental Center take your worry away. Call us today at (239) 597-7333 to schedule an appointment with one of our Naples, FL dentists.