If you know what epigenetics is, you might wonder what on Earth it has to do with dentistry. On the other hand, if you don’t have any idea what epigenetics is, stay tuned.

Here at Massa Dental Center in Naples, we take everything into account when we work on your smile. Epigenetics is a part of that. When you visit us, our ultimate goal is to change your life for the better. Taking a holistic approach to dentistry is the only way we can confidently achieve that.

What is Epigenetics?

If you’re fuzzy on epigenetics, you’re not alone. Most of our patients (and most people, in general) don’t know about this field of study. People who study epigenetics research the changes in your genes that don’t come from your DNA. In other words, this field of study focuses on the changes in your body that occur naturally or by different factors. These include age, lifestyle, environment, and disease.

How Does it Tie Into Dentistry?

Ok, now you know what epigenetics is. So what does it have to do with dentistry?

Dentists who practice epigenetic dentistry understand that your facial structure doesn’t have a predetermined position. It is reliant on influences from your soft tissue instead. However, eating, sleeping, and even talking can affect the soft tissue in your jaw. Unfortunately, when just one of these habits begins to falter, your soft tissue warps your jaw and teeth.

In other words, your mouth could result in crooked teeth, crowded teeth, TMJ disorders, and more. Luckily, Dr. Massa is your dental expert in Naples. With genetic expression alterations, we can get your smile and jaw back in shape for long-term effects.

Solving Your Dental Issues

Here at Massa Dental Center, we solve an array of dental issues with restructuring. Without removing teeth or resorting to surgery, we can improve your smile using just genetic expression alterations.

For example, you can avoid some orthodontic work by restructuring your jaw. Additionally, we also help alleviate TMJ symptoms by allowing for natural jaw function. Since sleep apnea also comes from your jaw and nose, our dentists can help patients with these issues.

Yet another benefit of this field of study is that many patients notice improved appearances. With an improved jawline, faces appear narrower and more contoured. Furthermore, older patients benefit from less sagging in the cheeks.

Your Dentist in Naples, Florida

When you visit Massa Dental Center, you’re visiting a team that cares about your smile and its function. We always aim to create beautiful, functional smiles for all of our patients. If you have any concerns about your jaw or smile, give us a call at (239) 597-7333 or schedule an appointment online.