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It’s important to feel confident in your smile at all times. Cosmetic dentistry can help you transform aspects of your smile you don’t like into ones you do like. Our talented and experienced cosmetic dentists can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with our assortment of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Teeth Whitening Service Page

It’s normal for some of your favorite foods and drinks to cause discoloration in your smile. It’s also common for tooth stains to occur from taking certain medications. With our professional teeth whitening treatment, you can say goodbye to stains and discoloration and hello to a beautiful white smile.

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In the past, it was common for dentists to use amalgam to fill teeth. Unfortunately, amalgam metal fillings lead to tooth sensitivity, damaged teeth, and an unsightly appearance. Not to mention, they cause concern for mercury poisoning. We use composite tooth-colored dental fillings that look natural and last longer.

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When you lose a portion of your natural tooth due to tooth decay, cavities or physical damage, sometimes composite material isn’t enough to repair or protect your tooth. We use natural-looking porcelain dental crowns to repair damaged or severely decayed teeth or to replace missing teeth with help from a dental implant.

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There are endless ways dental bonding can enhance your smile. Whether you want to reshape your teeth, fill in gaps, lengthen your teeth, cover stubborn stains or hide your exposed tooth root, dental bonding can provide you with amazing results at an affordable cost. Dental bonding looks natural and can last for years to come.

Dental Veneers

If you’re striving for a perfect Hollywood smile or have just one or two teeth that look out of place, porcelain veneers can help. These thin sheets of porcelain can hide flaws on your teeth like stains, chips, cracks, and can even reshape your teeth. Our cosmetic dentists can give you a picture-perfect smile with dental veneers.

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When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, no other treatment compares to dental implants. Dental implants secure your tooth replacements in place so it feels completely natural and secure to bite, chew, and smile all while maintaining bone in your jaw to keep your youthful appearance. We use implants to replace single teeth or a full jaw.

young woman placing Invisalign clear braces in her mouth

Traditional metal braces are an orthodontic treatment of the past. Today, we recommend Invisalign clear braces to our patients, especially those who are adults, for their discreet, effective, and comfortable treatment. Invisalign is the perfect way to straighten your smile without the trouble that comes with braces.

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Massa Dental Center utilizes modern dental technology in as many areas as possible. With laser dentistry, we’re able to use more precision with our dental treatments. Lasers also reduce pain, reduce bleeding, expedite healing, and allow our cosmetic dentists to work faster. Laser dentistry gives our patients the best experience possible.

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As a physiological dentist, Dr. Massa cares about more than just your oral health but your overall health. Your overall health plays a role in your teeth as much as your teeth play a role in your oral health. From a holistic approach, we aim to treat your body as a whole. We work with physicians, chiropractors and other professionals to treat you effectively.

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In most cases, an underbite or overbite is a result of an interruption that occurred during the development or growth of the jaw. Epigenetic dentistry addresses these interruptions by allowing your jaw to reach its full genetic potential. Epigenetics can treat TMJ symptoms and even enhance facial features.

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We want you to look forward to your visits to our dental office. If you suffer from dental anxiety or sitting still for long periods at a time, sedation dentistry can help. Sedation dentistry allows you to feel entirely relaxed and calm during your dental appointment. With sedation, you can start looking forward to your dental appointments.

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Whether you snore through the night, wake up feeling tired, or find it hard to concentrate during the day, if you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, we offer a treatment to help. Oral appliance therapy takes away the discomfort of CPAP while still providing you with an effective way to stop snoring and sleep well at night.

VIVOS treatment can alleviate snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms.

We’re committed to providing our patients with advanced sleep care that improves both the quality of life and overall health. We’re able to accomplish that with the Vivos® system. Vivos® is a non-surgical treatment that restores normal breathing habits and relieves sleep disorder symptoms for life.

Massa TMJ Services

Temporomandibular joint disorders can lead to uncomfortable and painful symptoms like frequent migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, worn teeth and much more. These symptoms can have a major impact on your quality of life. Through physiological dentistry, Dr. Massa can treat your TMJ and help you become pain-free long-term.

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There might come a point in your life where you have several broken, decayed or worn teeth, or even a whole mouth full. Even though you might feel loss of hope, our dental practice offers a multitude of dental treatments that can help restore your smile back to complete health. A full mouth construction can help you regain your confidence and functionality of your smile.

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We welcome your entire family to visit us at Massa Dental Center. From children to seniors, we offer the dental treatments you need through every stage of your life. From regular dental cleanings and exams to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, our dental practice has a solution for any dental problem that comes your way.