It has been my pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Massa and his wonderful staff for more than 20 years. His high standards, knowledge, professionalism, and the art of perfection makes him the best choice for me and all my friends and family. The entire staff is friendly and compassionate and will even hold your hand during a procedure if need be. Unparalleled quality experience.


I wanted to say thank you. My husband and I flew to Hawaii a few weeks ago and for the first time in over 8 years I have no ear pain and I was able to actually enjoy my flights. This is a direct result of all the work you have done for my jaw. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! My life is so much better thanks to you!


I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much my life has changed in regards to my smile reconstruction. First and most important was your staff as they were extremely well trained as well as the personal attention that they gave me. The entire process was scary at first however, with your expertise and extremely pleasant staff my treatment went very smooth. My symptoms of grinding my teeth at night in addition to my jaw pain have all been resolved. I sleep much better with no pain and my self-esteem has improved 100%. The discoloration of my teeth from medication as a child is now a thing of the past!

I can only hope that my positive experience plus my end result will help others and give them a sense of hope and comfort that I have. I would refer any patients over to Dr. Massa and his team as they have truly made a big difference in my life!


I feel honored to be one of your patients and will continually recommend you to anyone who needs a first class dentist.


Not once did you doubt me. The relief I felt when you told me that everything I had experienced was REAL assured me that I was in the right place. Dr. Massa was thorough and, in my opinion, relentless in finding reasons beyond my TMJ problems. The staff at Massa Dental Center is very friendly, compassionate, caring and made me feel like part of a family. Luckily, thanks for all of you, I am better and have learned my limitations and ways to become the healthier through all of this because Dr. Massa took the time to listen, ask questions and take action. I found that I had a cervical disc that was also causing me problems.


I could not believe the results after my first tens treatment. Not only did my jaw feel much better, but for the first time in years my neck and upper back pain was gone! Once I started wearing the orthotic the jaw problems totally disappeared as well.


Our grandson was so enthusiastic about his visit to your office. Thank you for taking the time from a busy day to share your expertise.

Cathy And Bruce

Thank you so very much for your kindness and for taking good care of myself, my wife and my children. We appreciate your gracious thought.


Thank you very much for the great work on my crowns. I appreciate your talents!


Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful smile with no pain before, during, and after the procedure. My experience with you and your staff was incredible and wiped out my dental phobia. My teeth are white and they look so natural! I get a lot of compliments and smile even more. You are the best and you deserve the utmost respect.


In about a year Dr. Massa has performed a full mouth restoration including, extractions, root canals, laser gum work, crowns, bridges and veneers. His technique with the TENS unite has gradually reduced my extremely pronounced overbite to a barely noticeable one, and has completely eradicated the ear drainage I was having.

I cannot praise Dr. Massa and his staff enough. They are all wonderful and caring people, besides being exceptional at what they do. It is because of them entirely that I could endure approximately 15 visits of varying lengths from one to 6 hours each. In addition, the greatest thing was that there was NO PAIN. I actually looked forward to going to the office and seeing them. With their help, I chose a believable color and shape so that not I have beautiful teeth and it is not obvious that I have had so much “work” done. In fact my teeth look just like they did when I was in high school!


Just have to say thank you again for your kindness and expertise yesterday. You have been a treasure for this family for many years, and it is so appreciated. Our very best wishes to you.