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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth, designed to fill in spaces from missing teeth or replace all teeth.  Dentures are recommended to restore a healthy bite and allow patients to regain chewing function.  Partial dentures are used when a patient still has some natural teeth that they would like to keep.  Partial dentures fit around natural teeth and help keep them from shifting.  Complete or full dentures are used to replace teeth when most or all teeth are missing.  Extraction of any remaining diseased teeth will be performed before the full denture is fitted. Patients who have lost a number of teeth find significant benefits in dentures, including the ability to smile without becoming self-conscious.  Dentures are made of resin and porcelain and custom-designed for comfort and appearance. 

The Neuromuscular Dentist Approach
Dr. Massa will use his neuromuscular training to precision-fit your partial or full dentures.  Using jaw joint harmony and optimum bite position, Dr. Massa uses the latest neuromuscular jaw tracking technology to ensure your dentures are placed with optimum comfort and functionality.  Neuromuscular dentures are built to give patients a natural appearance as well as restoration of chewing ability. 

To create your custom dentures, Dr. Massa will take an impression of your mouth and build a denture model to determine the optimum measurements for tooth recreation.  You will be able to wear a ‘try-in’ denture to see if the fit is comfortable and functional.  Once your try in is approved, your specifications will be sent to our lab for creation of your final denture pieces.  After denture placement, patients can expect a period of adjustment for speaking and chewing. Neuromuscular dentures are a great improvement over conventional dentures. Even patients with little bony ridges that suffer with conventional dentures will find neuromuscular dentures comfortable, safe, and efficient.

Dentures Over Implants
At Dr. Massa’s office, denture patients now have the option of having dentures placed over implants, which greatly aids with stability.  Dr. Massa can secure your denture by attaching it to custom dental implants.  Ask Dr. Massa about removable implant dentures or the more permanent, ‘hybrid’ implant dentures.

For the latest in denture technology, visit the Naples office of Dr. James W. Massa today.  Call or email us today for your personalized dental consultation. We are proud to serve those from Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Marco Island.

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