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Top-Rated Root Canal Dentist

In Naples, Florida

A root canal procedure addresses the problem of an infected tooth root.  A root canal is an opening in the tooth, branching from close to the tooth surface to the interior tooth root.  These root canals contain pulp tissue, comprised of blood vessels, connective tissue, nerve fibers, and cells.  Root canals bring needed nourishment to the tooth as it grows to full size and shape.  When the pulp tissue becomes infected or injured, patients may experience pain and soreness in the tooth and gum areas, which can eventually cause abscesses. 

When Dr. Massa, in Naples, FL, determines that you have disease affecting the root canal part of the inner tooth, a root canal procedure may be your best option to stop the spread of infection. 

Designed to restore the healthy area of your tooth and your enamel from extraction, root canal therapy has helped thousands of patients beat infection.  During your first root canal visit, Dr. Massa will numb the mouth and make a small hole in the top of your tooth to reach the inner affected area.  He will then proceed with removal of the diseased tissue and reshape the root canal passageways.  Dr. Massa then replaces the openings with a special elastic material called Gutta-percha.  Recovery is rapid and patients can return to work the same day if desired.  Dr. Massa may prescribe a pain medication to assist you with any discomfort.  If necessary, you may be asked to come back in for a crown to strengthen your treated tooth. 

Need a new reason to smile?  Consider our Naples dentist.  Learn more about our exceptional dentistry options during your personal smile consultation. 

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